Sunset at Janubio beach

Fotografía Lanzarote, Atardecer en Janubio
  • Spanish

Sunset at Janubio´s beach, Lanzarote Island

It seems that everything is silence and, however, what surrounds this beautiful canvas is ferocity. The one from the Atlantic that sculpts the spectacular coast of lava coming from Timanfaya, the one from the wind that resounds in our ears and suspends our manes in the air, the one from the aroma of saltpetre and seaweed that bathes and impregnates the setting, the one from its black and deep sand that leaves its mark…

Of powerful magnetism does Janubio beach captivate the southern journey of the visitors. With robotic air, bystanders, after stopping the engine and getting out of their cars walk towards the shore slowly but steadily, as if they were intimidated for getting closer to the answer that keeps insomniacs awake.

Swimming in this beach is very dangerous. Don’t spoil its sunset. Sunset times.

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